Saturday, August 29, 2009
Luv Txt

Ni Jess Santiago

(Sabi ng may-akda "Kunyari Pambie si Adi ang nagbabasa nito sa'yo.")

Lipuna'y malupit pagkat pinaglayo

Ang nag- iibigan nating mga puso.

Tipid sa pasahe'y, tipid sa pagsuyo,

Sa hirap ng buhay, bihirang magtagpo.


Lagi tayong sabik sa isa't isa.

Mabuti na lamang at may cellphone, sinta,

Ilang pindot lamang sa hanay ng letra,

Sa halagang piso'y nakokontak kita.


Salamat sa cellphone, salamat sa texting,

Kahit magkalayo tayo'y magkapiling.

Ay, kung alam mo lang, para akong lasing

Pagkat ang ring tone ko ay ang theme song natin.


At dito sa screen, sa munting bintana,

Ang nakalarawa'y ikaw, aking mutya!

Laging nakadungaw ang maamong mukha,

Ay, ang ngiti mo, giliw, kadluan ng tuwa.


Kaya maya't maya'y aking tinitiyak

Na may signal ako at 'di maglolobat

Pagkat kung sakaling hindi ako makontak,

Pabayang sarili'y 'di mapapatawad!


Cellphone ko'y second- hand at lumang modelo,

Kantyaw ni Jess Abrera ay "panggadgad ng yelo,"

Pero hindi bale, sa pag-ibig ko sa iyo

Ay laging sariwa, at laging brand new.


Kaya kahit anong tukso ang marinig,

Taas ang nook ko at tuwid ang tindig.

Ang mas mahalaga'y ang ating pag-ibig

At kahit sandali'y tayo'y magkaniig.


Ay! Tiniis ko ang hindi tumawag

Para ang aking load, 'di maubos agad.

Patext-text lang ako, e kasi nga, swithart,

Masakit sa bulsa ang presyo ng cell card.


At ang mas masakit, may gustong humadlang

Sa ating long distance na pagmamahalan!

Aba, ang text message, gusto raw buwisan

Nitong ating bwisit na pamahalaan!


Aba'y walang puso! Kung meron man marmol!

Sa nagpanukalang mga asong ulol,

Pangako mahal ko, tiyak na bubukol

Panggadgad ng yelong aking ipupukol!


Nagtitipid ako pagkat nagmamahal

Kaya manalig ka't maniwala, Mahal.

Dahil ang maiipon kahit butal- butal,

Malaking tulong din sa araw ng kasal.


jess santiago

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Friday, July 24, 2009
SMS: Pablo Baen Santos' Solo Show at The Crucible Gallery.


In the cell phone domain, text messages are forced to look abstract. To save on space, time and effort, the texter resorts to spelling shortcuts or omitting words to shorten sentences. But these are done in the best way as not to compromise the intended message. In Baen's turf, a little bit of abstraction is intentional. It imposes the use of metaphors, distortions and all sorts of friendly visual deceptions. To mesmerize is more important than care for the exact meaning of his images. There may even be a deliberate, sinister motive to hide true meanings from the eyes of those who cannot accept the truth, as well as from the eyes of those who have the power to cover truth. It gratifies the artist more to excite the viewer who could find out the truth like a prize at the end of a puzzle.


This is how the painter, Pablo Baen Santos came out with SMS as a title for his show which is the acronym for Short Messaging System. In the artist's sense, panting falls under this order for a glance at images quickly returns a barrage of suggestions. More literally speaking, Baen has speckled most of his recent paintings with short, choppy inscriptions in the same breath that a gifted child would compulsively do on house walls and artistic vandals, on public walls.


He is in search of more waggish approaches to exposing social ills and protesting political abuses in his art—after so long, when it might have become too tiring to vent nothing but anger. He had been doing so since 1975, on his first exhibit of social realism. Art with text permits him more color and child play on the canvas.


Baen's recent paintings will be exhibited this coming August 11-23 at The Crucible Gallery, 4th Floor, Megamall A, Mandaluyong. The painter, a Thirteen Artists awardee in 1990, was the founding chair of Kaisahan, the first formal group of nationalist painters in the Philippines , formed during the Marcos regime. The group came out boldly against martial rule as well as against those who considered mixing politics with art as an artistic desecration.



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Wednesday, April 29, 2009
corkboard status:

After today, I will shove the idea of a height and a free fall.

and will look at failure straight in the eye and say:


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Monday, February 02, 2009
corkboard status:

My humanity and my spirituality

are beginning to meet at its


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Wednesday, January 21, 2009
Mechanics for the 2009 Maningning Miclat Poetry Competition


The Maningning Miclat Art Foundation is calling on young poets aged 28 and below to submit their entry to the 2009 Maningning Miclat Trilingual Poetry Competition.

The Poetry Competition consists of 3 divisions - Filipino, English and Chinese. An entry must consist of at least eight (8) but not more than fifteen (15) poems. Authors may join all the divisions but can submit only one (1) entry in every division. All entries should be original in every language and not a translation of another entry.

All entries should be submitted in four (4) copies, double spaced on 81/2 x 11 inches bond paper with one inch margin on all sides and with ARIAL or TIMES NEW ROMAN size 12 font. Entry should be submitted with pen name only. Real name and pen name should be submitted in a separate sealed envelop together with a biodata, copy of birth certificate and a notarized declaration of originality and authenticity of authorship of the entry.

Entries must be addressed to the Maningning Miclat Art Foundation, Inc. (MMAFI), 2nd Floor Mile Long Building, Amorsolo St., Legaspi Village, Makati City (Tel No. 816-7490 to 91) not later than 5:00 P.M. of April 15, 2009. Entries sent by mail should be postmarked/invoiced not later than April 1, 2009.

The Maningning Award, handed out yearly since 2003, honors China-born Maningning Miclat, a trilingual poet and writer, and a prize-winning visual artist. She won the Grand Prize in the non-representational category of the Art Association of the Philippines Art Competition in 1992. She celebrated her 28th birthday on April 15, 2000 by launching her trilingual book of poetry, "Voice from the Underworld" (Anvil Publishing, Inc., 2000). It is the first book of poetry in the world in Filipino, English and Chinese languages written solely by one author. Her life was cut short when she passed on in September of the same year.

The landmark book, which was chosen by the Manila Critics Circle as finalist in the 2000 National Book Awards, includes Maningning's poems in Chinese. She was one of the world's Top 39 women poets writing in Chinese. Some of the poems were anthologized in a book published in 1995 during the International Women's Year held in Beijing.

The Maningning Miclat Art Foundation was founded in 2001 to continue the artist/ poet's legacy, encourage creativity, and support and award young outstanding poets and artists. Poetry competitions in Filipino, English and Chinese languages are held during odd numbered years while Painting competitions are held during even numbered years.

Maningning Miclat was co-author, if posthumously, of the book, Beyond the Great Wall: A Family Journal, which won a 2006 National Book Award for biography. The Manila Critics Circle citation reads: "From 1971 to 1986, the Miclat family lived in the People's Republic of China and this gathering of essays from Mario, Alma, Banaue and the late Maningning Miclat flow together in a majestic yet personal recollection of a time and place between times and places. Beyond the Great Wall signifies the act of celebration through memory, and moving on through returning."

Grand winners in the 3 divisions of the Poetry Competition will each receive P28,000.00 together with a Julie Lluch trophy and the special collector's edition of the books "Voice from the Underworld," "Beauty for Ashes: Remembering Maningning," and "Beyond the Great Wall."

For more information on the 2009 Maningning Miclat Art Competition, please email or Log on to .

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Thursday, January 08, 2009
corkboard realization:

Women clamor for communication...

Men ask for dialogue.

These are two different things.

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Wednesday, December 31, 2008
Happy New Year!

Insist that we forever, BEGIN!

A faith-filled, hope-filled and love-filled year ahead.


(Even with a warning of a looming crisis...)

"I will have no fear of bad news;
       my heart is steadfast, trusting in the LORD."- Psalm 112:7

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Sunday, December 28, 2008
To my neighboring sea

Shattered by your call,

I come to this shore

not to seek its beauty but its pain.

That of the emptiness that we are claiming,

that of the death that we simply must have

in our poetry

in our souls

so that we can immortalize our muse

that is killing us

yet making us live at the same time.


I come to your shore ravaged

wanting to rediscover the weight

of your water upon my aching breast.


And your brine melts my present

into a past too unbearable for this seeking.


I taste sands in my eyes

as my wounded knees fall

in anguished consecration.

For to us:

Brokenness has a sublimity

far more splendid than being whole.


The sea will claim our wounds

mixture of salt and blood

whose salinity can numb and heal

all our compunctions and multiplicity.


There is no such high

as the levity of my body

against your cradling womb

of crashing waves:

a plethora of overlapping savageness,

madness and pleasure.

The beauty of every crest and trough

stitching my skin

one with each strand

of your now endurable silence

the abstraction of

all things painful

all things blissful.


From afar,

the sun can only bear witness

and weep for my restless spirit

navigating only within the bounds

of your contiguous plane.



This is my greatest atonement:

To encumber my nakedness

to your sea

of absences


To bequeath my soul

to my unforgiving muse.


To you whom my life ceases and my death begins.


My sea,

I shall hold you

crimson against the sky of my blood

my body and my words casting shadows

falling upon you

with unbroken beauty

an undying piety

a guiltless testimony,


a quiet deliverance of

a perishing wing, a pristine soul.



-Pambie Herrera

December, 2004


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Tuesday, December 23, 2008
this CHRISTmas...

Let us not celebrate the season

rather, let us celebrate the PERSON.

When before I used to say:  Think of Christmases, then think of me... I am loneliest during these times...

Now, I rejoice because this season is the promise of our salvation... the humanization of the Divine.

"For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace." - Isaiah 9:6

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008
"be damned if you get this, be damned if you don't."

and you were right...

"FIRE is the most intolerable third party..."

and I say

because it does not know DECORUM.

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i will be the dirt under your feet... angel quiet.without guilt.- j.neil c. garcia

what incision is there
from sighing
to dark sighing?

there is the cut
of a broken cup
where wines
kiss in ecstatic voices
without the need of fusion.

how pungent,
from this drunken tongue
that holds inebriation useless
the intoxication of glances
behind the mask of oblivion.

so this fire virulently
from viral inanity
to incurable inanity!

i am the thawing of the moon.

translucent vermillion
of passion
forbidden passion.

from sacrilegious
to sacrosanct




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